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ALDI Healthy Eating on Sale Sat, 7 August 2021

ALDI Healthy Eating on Sale Saturday 7 Aug 2021. Do you know what’s special buy this Saturday at ALDI Australia ? If you haven’t, using the store’s weekly catalogue advertisements will be your great guide.

Here is preview ALDI Healthy Eating on Sale Saturday 7/8/2021:

ALDI Healthy Eating on Sale Sat, 7 August 2021

What’s Special Buys on sale Saturday this week at ALDI?

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  • San Remo Red Lentil Spirals 250g
  • San Remo Green Pea Penne 500g
  • San Remo Chickpea Spirals 250g
  • Remano Gluten Free Vegetable Spirals 500g
  • Remano Gluten Free Vegetable Shells 500g
  • Be Right Konjac Pasta 400g
  • Probiotic Trail Mix 400g
  • Protein Mix 400g
  • Organic Prunes 250g
  • Super Food Powders 100g-125g
  • Superfood Powders 100g
  • Hemp Seeds or Powder 1kg
  • Natural Cashews 1.2kg
  • Almond Meal 1kg
  • Tamari Flavoured Almonds 400g
  • Turmeric & Ginger Flavoured Almonds 400g
  • Mixed Nuts Dry Roasted 1kg
  • Natural Walnuts 1kg
  • Pepita Seeds 350g
  • Sunflower Seeds 650g



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