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Woolworths Pantry Specials This Week from 20 May 2020

Woolworths Pantry Specials This Week from 20 May 2020. Do you know what’s special in the Woolworths for this week? If you haven’t, using the store’s weekly catalogue advertisements will be your great guide.

Woolworths is one of Australia’s leading supermarket chains and suppliers of groceries and fresh produce. Each Woolworths store features a range of groceries and fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry and deli goods.

Woolworths Pantry Specials This Week from 22 April 2020Keep scrolling with the mouse to view the current special products display.

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Here is Woolworths Pantry Specials This Week 20/5/2020 – 26/5/2020 :

What’s on special sale in Woolworth this week?

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  • Sam’s Pantry Rich Hot Choc Porridge Sachets 8 pack
  • Food Bank Donation $2.00 each.
  • Sam’s Pantry Pink Lady Apple & Cinnamon Porridge Sachets 8 pack
  • Freedom Foods Arnold’s Farm Blueberry & Goji Berry Porridge Sachets 8 pack
  • Mayver’s Dark Roasted Goodness To Go Crunchy Peanut Butter 6 pack
  • Kellogg’s All-bran High Fibre Breakfast Cereal 530g
  • Sam’s Pantry Swiss Muesli With Fruits & Nuts Natural Muesli 500g
  • Sanitarium Up&go Liquid Breakfast No Added Sugar Choc Ice 3x250ml
  • Freedom Foods Cereal Buckwheat & Quinoa 350g
  • Kellogg’s All-bran Wheat Flakes Breakfast Cereal 330g
  • Sanitarium Up&go Protein Energize Choc 250ml x3 pack
  • Lowan Quick Oats 1kg
  • Lowan Traditional Rolled Oats 1kg


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Get best prices in the latest Woolworths catalogue for your favourite local Woolworths store. Always find out your local Woolworths online catalog as it may not have all the deals and items or navigate on their site Woolworths.com.au to know your Woolworths specials now.


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